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Nearly 30 years ago, Mike borrowed 25 maple taps from his dad to experiment with making his own Pure Maple Syrup in his northern backwoods. Little did he know then, it would grow and become the farm, Michigan Maple Farms, which he and his wife Joyce own and operate today.

During these humble beginnings, Mike discovered the fun and delicious reward of making natural maple syrup with his own hands. He was hooked! Mike added more taps, created and built custom equipment and improved production. “Part of the fun and challenge was making the equipment and machines to produce the syrup,” said Mike. “There is nothing better in early spring than tasting finished syrup, still warm from the pan!”

The whole family was involved from the beginning. Mike and Joyce’s four children grew up collecting pails, maintaining the line collection system, and bottling and selling the Maple Syrup. Three of the four children, now adults, work in the Maple industry and are bringing their own children into the fold to learn the trade. We are teaching our next generation some valuable life lessons.