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Maple Mustard BBQ Sauce 12 oz

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This maple mustard BBQ sauce is a tangy sauce made with pure maple syrup and dijon mustard. It makes a perfect marinade for chicken or fish, and a glaze for steak and pork. You really can't go wrong with our mouthwatering maple sauces. Try it on all your favorite BBQ recipes or on a whole new culinary masterpiece.

Interested in other creative condiments and toppings? You'll love making snacks with Joyce's Homestyle Jams and Salsa. Find your own reasons to love mustard BBQ sauce from Michigan Maple Farms and order yours today!

Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup, Pomace Olive Oil (Maximum 80% Refined Pomace Olive Oil & 5-20% Extra Virgin Olive Oil),  Dijon Mustard (Water, Mustard Seed, Distilled Vinegar, White Wine, Sugar, Citric Acid, Spices, Potassium Metabisulfite), Lemon Juice (Concentrated Lemon Juice, Sodium Benzoate, Lemon Oil),  Garlic (Garlic, Water, Citric Acid, Contains: Naturally Occuring Sulfites), Black Pepper,  Thyme

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