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Published 04/23/2018

Now is the time to visit Michigan Maple Farms to witness up close the maple syrup production process! Over the next few days, our guided tours will bring you inside our production facilities to see the maple sap we harvested boil from sap to syrup. Pure maple syrup is a 100% natural food, processed by heat concentration of pure maple sap. The sap is a clear liquid, which provides the trees with water and nutrients prior to the buds and leaves opening in the spring. During the boiling step of maple syrup production—which is now underway—all the nutrients remain in the syrup.

Below is a quick breakdown of how maple syrup is made from start to finish:

1. Tree Identification
2. Maple Tree Tapping
3. Gathering the Sap
4. Reverse Osmosis
5. The Boiling
6. Filtering
7. Bottling

We have identified the trees good for harvesting and waited for the right temperature combinations before collecting the sap. The trees were tapped (all 12,500 of them!) and we have been gathering the sap with our vacuum and tubing system. Daily we process the sap with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and boil it down to finished syrup. Stop by Michigan Maple Farms over the next few days to see the boiling process firsthand, followed by the filtering and bottling of the finished maple syrup. Bring your family and friends for an inside look at how syrup is made today. Pop in any time we are open for a tour!